Dear Japanese government I.O.U. JPY 3,350,000

Or USD 27,000, GBP 17.631

As some of you may be aware, Japan is clamping down on cyclists and have introduced a number of measures/penalties to prevent/penalize those who break the rules 
Ticketable offenses include:
(loosely translated)
1. Running through red lights
2. Riding where prohibited by signs
3. Not yielding to pedestrians on sidewalks
4. Riding on non-designated sidewalks
5. Impeding pedestrian traffic
6. Illegal railroad crossings
7. Impeding other vehicles at intersections
8. Not following right-of-way at intersections
9. Not following right-of-way at roundabouts
10. Running through stop signs
11. Not allowing pedestrians right-of-way
12. Riding without front and rear brakes
13. Riding under the influence, drunk
14. Any behavior deemed unsafe or unlawful

The habitual offender law states that anyone ticketed more than twice for any offenses listed below within a span of 3 years will be required to attend a 3-hour bicycle safety course at a cost of 5,700yen within 3 months of the last offense. Failure to attend the safety course will result in a 50,000yen fine.

Now this is quite interesting as RE-training implies there was some sort of training in the first place (there wasn't). 
So just for fun i decided to see how many infractions i clocked up on my pre-work, 75km ride this morning, 
so 67xJPY50,000 is JPY3,350,000
(as there's no chance me attending any of these seminars)

Just for the record, i wasn't going out of my way or in any way trying to break the rules, this is the usual number of supposed infractions i would accrue on a regular ride.
 It strikes me this cycling lark could end up getting 
A: very expensive 
B: very slow

Now i am in no way condoning reckless riding that puts the rider or others at risk however i think this may be taking things just a touch too far. This law was introduced on June 1st and we already have reports of police hiding in bushes jumping out on unsuspecting offenders

Now with this HUGE amount of potential revenue going to waste we fully inspect a renewed troop buildup at Gaien to catch us out on our morning rides

Could this be waiting for us tomorrow morning?

Could this be waiting for us tomorrow morning?

So people please be sure to make sure you adhere to the many, MANY wonderful rules of the road when cycling in Japan, but if you do find yourself (accidentally of course) breaking them, 
like the man said